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Symptoms of your Car Being Out of Alignment

wheel alignment

Whether you are a car-driving enthusiast or not, driving a misaligned car just feels so awkward. Those irregular one-sided pulls and irritating vibrations in the steering wheel can make your driving mood go dull and make you ask what exactly is wrong with the car – well, the answer is – wheel alignment. Let’s come across the symptoms that suggest you need car wheel alignment services.

  1. One-sided Pulls

While driving straight, if your vehicle is drifting toward a specific side, then it’s time to head your car towards the alignment services. These one-sided pulls are not just irritating, they have a high-risk value because if you’re not firm enough to handle the steering while your car is getting pulled, you might struggle with the moving traffic.

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  1. Steering Going A Bit Loose

Having loose steering is definitely a call for a check by the expert as one of the most probable causes of loose steering is misaligned wheels. The steering has to be firm for the response time while turning to be as desired.

  1. Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

This is one of the strongest pointers toward the need for car wheel alignment services. Strong and persistent vibrations in the steering wheel are mainly due to the wheels going unbalanced due to any reason – maybe you drove over the potholes, affecting the suspension.

  1. Tyres Making Scratchy Sound

If your car’s tyres are squealing much, shrieking along the way, this has got to do with the unbalance among your wheels. This symptom must take you quickly to the alignment specialist for getting things sorted.

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