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Tips To Choose the Apt Engine Oil For My Car

oil change for cars

Every engine requires oil to function properly. In fact, it is a necessary component because engines are subjected to harsh conditions such as high temperatures, high pressure, tremendous heat friction, sludge accumulation, and more.

Understanding engine oil and making the right choice for your vehicle can be difficult, but choosing the right engine oil will extend engine life and allow your engine to run more efficiently. This can improve your fuel efficiency and lower your average fuel costs.

  1. Car manufacturer and series: Knowing the make and model of your vehicle is the first step in selecting the right engine oil. New high-performance engines are being developed to improve efficiency, and newer oil formulations are being developed to assist in keeping up with these upgrades.
  2. Driving environment: Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, or whether you drive on paved or unpaved roads, you should consider the driving conditions you are used to. Different conditions can put strain on your vehicle in various ways, such as requiring frequent engine oil changes. When deciding what type of motor oil is best for you, take into account the environment in which you live and drive.
  3. Types of engine oil: Once you know the make and model of the vehicle, you can choose between mineral and synthetic engine oil. Because base oil accounts for 80-90 percent of an engine oil’s composition, choosing the right oil is critical. 
  4. Viscosity grade: When comparing engine oil products, you may notice confusing codes on the packaging with numbers and letters. These represent the viscosity grade, which is a measurement of the oil’s resistance to flow. It is an important factor to consider when looking for the best engine oil, along with climate and driving conditions.
  5. Oil standards: If you look closely at the label, you will notice that engine oil standards are denoted by various acronyms such as API, ACEA, and ILSAC. This means that the product meets or exceeds the specifications established by these organizations. Specifications are important because they indicate the oil’s performance and quality.

Regular servicing and oil change for cars are essential for extending the life and value of your vehicle. At Mega Fix Tyres, we provide comprehensive auto and car servicing, car oil change in Al Nahda, so regardless of your model, we go out of our way to ensure that your car performs optimally and that you drive away completely satisfied.