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Why Do I Need a Car Wheel Alignment Service in Dubai?

car wheel alignment services

Wheel alignment, also known as tyre alignment, refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension — the system that connects the vehicle to its wheels. It’s not a problem with the wheels themselves. Alignment prevents your vehicle from drifting to the right or left. It can also improve your vehicle’s handling and eliminate unusual on-road vibrations.

Alignment ensures that your tyres meet the road at the correct angle, that your wheels are straight, and that your tyres are centered in the wheel wells. It returns the angles of your vehicle’s wheels to their original specifications, resulting in better gas mileage, proper road contact, a smooth ride, and longer tyre life.

Here are some of the reasons why you need car wheel alignment services in Dubai:

  1. It gives a smoother ride: When your alignment is out of whack, your car will vibrate or shake. They can adjust the angle of the wheels by having a certified auto mechanic perform an alignment. Your wheels will be vertical and parallel to each other as a result. This provides a much smoother ride and eliminates vibrations caused by misaligned wheels.
  2. It increases gas mileage: Gas mileage suffers as a result of poor alignment. Vehicles that require alignment tend to pull to one side. Cars that pull to the side travel further than if the tyres traveled straight. This can add up to several extra miles over time, especially on long trips. When gas prices are skyrocketing, every mile you don’t drive counts.
  3. It gives you better handling: Tyres that are properly aligned have better traction. The turning radius is reduced when there is more contact with the road. Cars with more traction can come to a stop faster and at less distance. Both of these imply that having your wheels aligned makes you and other drivers on the road safer.
  4. It increases the tyre’s life: Your new tyres will wear out faster than they should if they are not properly aligned. Extra wear shortens tyre life and costs money. If you notice that your tyres are not wearing evenly, take them to a reputable auto repair shop to have their wheel alignment checked.
  5. It is necessary for switching tyres: An alignment is required when switching from regular tyres to all-terrain tyres. Because different tyres have different sizes and treads, they must be properly aligned when installed by an auto mechanic. This allows them to maintain proper road contact.

At Mega Fix Tyres, we provide comprehensive auto and car wheel alignment services in Al Nahda, so regardless of your model, we go out of our way to ensure that your car performs optimally and that you drive away completely satisfied.