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5 Tips for Car Battery Replacement That Every Car Owner Must Know!

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Car batteries provide power to all of your vehicle’s electrical systems by converting the chemical energy stored in their electrolytes to the required electrical energy. The electrolyte in an automotive battery weakens or evaporates over time. A faulty battery will usually not be able to power your vehicle. As a result, you should replace your car battery every 3 to 5 years. Batteries frequently die prematurely as a result of environmental factors and human neglect. It is always a good idea to have your car battery checked before purchasing a new one.

Here are 5 tips for car battery replacement that every car owner must know :

  1. Examine the electrolyte level: Examine the battery to see if there is enough electrolyte to cover the battery plates. Before charging, only refill the electrolyte with distilled or demineralized water to top up the water level. However, be careful not to overfill. Also, make certain that the fluid inside the battery is not contaminated, as this could reduce the battery’s life span.
  2. Reserve capacity: When your vehicle’s alternator or fan belt fails, your car battery is responsible for powering the vehicle’s electrical components. The reserve capacity or standing power of an automotive battery refers to the amount of time it can do this successfully. The reserve capacity of most cars is measured in minutes and is usually listed as a range. Any new battery you buy should have a reserve capacity rating that falls somewhere within this range.
  3. Warranty: Automotive batteries come with a free replacement as well as a pro-rata warranty period. If your newly purchased car battery fails due to a manufacturing defect during the free replacement period, the battery manufacturer replaces it with a new one. Manufacturers typically deduct a portion of the original purchase cost from batteries that fail during the pro-rata period. To avoid unnecessary expenditures later, it is critical to shop for car batteries with significantly extended free-replacement and pro-rated warranty periods.
  4. Brand and manufacturing date: Many small and generic brands produce lower-cost batteries. However, these batteries fail frequently and have high repair and maintenance costs, making the initial price difference irrelevant. Always buy car batteries from reputable brands to avoid having to spend thousands of dollars to replace them later if they die prematurely. When purchasing a new car battery, always check the manufacturing date to ensure that you do not endanger the health of your vehicle. New cells should be no more than three months old from the date of purchase.
  5. Group size: All automotive batteries are classified into different groups based on their dimensions. Because your car’s battery tray is designed to fit snugly into only one cell, each vehicle is only compatible with one group size of the battery.

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